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Our Office events

For 7 years, we have hosted a “Warm Hands, Warm Hearts” program that benefits a local woman’s shelter right before the Christmas holiday with warm gloves, hats, scarves, toiletries, blankets and clothing donated by staff, patients and mainly the community.  We thank those who gave generous donations to help those locally who needed help.

Dr. Laura Fogle and her “Fogle’s Frown Fixers” staff annual “Cosmic Bowling Party” was a striking success!  Dr. Laura Fogle rewarded 25 of her patients for excellent grades to a Cosmic Bowling Party.  Dr. Fogle, recognized her patients’ hard work by drawing 25 names of patients who presented their report cards with all A’s and/or B’s.

 It would be hard to say who had more fun, Dr. Fogle and staff or the patients!  Bright smiles and a good time were had by all.

Once again, the City of Walker’s Festival Committee produces a family friendly and affordable community festival that encourages families to spend quality time together in a safe and fun environment.  This year’s Walker Festival event is no exception, and we had a blast celebrating with a Hawaiian paradise theme that helped to educate parents on the best time to see an orthodontist while the kids took their chances at winning some prizes with our toothbrush ring toss!